Lámina inteligente que con solo pulsar un botón se vuelve transparente u opaca al recibir impulso eléctrico.

MagicFoil - Cristal Inteligente Opaco-Transparente

  • Diferentes medidas disponibles (preguntar)
    Se puede instalar adheriéndola a un cristal e incluso entre dos cristales.
    Permite dar privacidad a una sala, o incluso proyectar sobre el cristal en modo opaco.

    Technical specifications
    Operating voltage (ON): 60-65V(AC 50/60Hz)
    Threshold voltage: 32V(AC)
    Haze: &lt3%–
    Response time (ON==>OFF): 10ms
    Power consumption (ON): &lt5W/ sqm
    Transparency (ON): >92% (ON=transparent / OFF=opaque)
    Thickness: 0.35 +/- 0.05 mm (MFO 60), 0.45 +/- 0.05 mm (MFF 70)
    Max. Size per single Unit:
    MSG 80: 3300 mm x 2300 mm
    MFF 70: 8000 mm x 1500 mm
    MFO 60: 8000 mm x 1800 mm
    Max./Min. ambient temperature: -40 to 90 °C (the foil itself does not heat up when ON)
    Laminating temperature: &lt120 °C, < 6 hours
    Operating life (ON): > 300.000 hours
    Values partially depending on the various versions of MagicFoil (material thickness, max. dimension, weight)
    UV protection: > 98%
    Noise reduction: 38db

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